Mission, Vision and Values of the University of Cádiz

  • Mission: The University of Cadiz is a public institution committed to its environment, dedicated to the generation, dissemination and transfer of knowledge and culture, as well as the integral training of people and professionals, throughout their lives. The geographical, historical and social characteristics of the province of Cadiz define our structure, singularity and capacity to adapt to changes in society.
  • Values: The University of Cadiz is an institution imbued with the principles of democracy and public ethics, and considers that it embodies the following values, divided into four areas or spheres:
    1. Behavioural sphere: Effort, Responsibility, Honesty and Professionalism.
    2. Legal sphere: Equality, Justice and Equity.
    3. Relationship sphere: Participation, Plurality, Integration, Respect towards people and ideas and Solidarity.
    4. Organization and operations Sphere: Transparency, Continuous Improvement, Effectiveness and Efficiency.
  • Vision: The University of Cadiz, in accordance with its Mission, plays an essential role in our regional socioeconomic development by driving entrepreneurial culture, innovation and internationalization. It would like to be known for its human capacity, its efficient organization and its results, as well as for its will to work, together with its interest groups, towards the creation of economic, cultural and social value.