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The University of Cádiz occupies the 925th position among the first thousand universities. In this ranking dedicated to the overall performance of the university (quality of education, high-level employability, quality of teaching staff, scientific production and patents), the UCA occupies the 35th position nationwide. Center for World Global Universities Ranking (CWUR) 2018
 In 2015, the University of Cádiz, for the first time, ranks as one of the 39 Spanish Universities present among the top 1,000 in the Shanghai Ranking: in particular, it occupies the 967th position (1,009th position in 2009). ACADEMIC
The University of Cádiz consolidates the performance and volume indexes obtained in 2017. In terms of performance (results depending on the size of the university), the UCA’s global index is 0.9 and in terms of volume (final results without size weightings), the global volume index of the UCA is 1, which allows it to reach 28th position of 62 universities.
U-Ranking BBVA 2018
The University of Cádiz is located in the range of 150-200 European universities in the first edition of Times Higher Education Europe Teaching Rankings (international classification focused on the analysis of excellence in teaching). The UCA stands out in the following sections: teaching & inclusive learning environment , resources for the delivery of the degree certificates effectively and commitment & results. The UCA is above the Spanish average in 9 of the 15 items that appear in the survey made to students. Times Higher Education Europe Teaching 2018
The University of Cádiz appears in four subjects of this world ranking that selects the 500 best universities in each area of ​​knowledge: Oceanography (range 151-200), Mathematics (range 301-400), Chemical Engineering (range 301-400) and Environmental Science & Engineering (range 301-400). Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) by Subjects (2018)
 The University of Cadiz appears as one of the 200 best universities in the Area of ​​Physical Activity and Sport and it also appears as the fourth nationwide. Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) Special Focus Institution Ranking 2018
Based on a composite indicator that combines three groups of indicators (research, innovation and social impact measured by the visibility of its website) the UCA occupies the 43rd position of the 61 Spanish Universities contemplated in this ranking. SCIMAGO Institutions Ranking. July 2017


The UCA ranks 31st in production and 41st in global productivity, among the 48 Spanish Universities contemplated in the 2014 edition (published in 2017), where it rised 5 positions in the productivity ranking, and 4 in the global production, regarding the previous edition. We highlight the advance in 9 positions in R & D Projects, 7 in doctoral theses, 5 in FPU Scholarships and 3 in articles in journals indexed in JCR in the productivity ranking. Ranking of Research of Spanish Public Universities (Professor Gualberto Buela-Casal) 2014
The UCA ranks 38th, in terms of scientific production, relevance and productivity, of the 79 Spanish public and private Universities. REPORT “Universidad en Cifras 2017 “(2015/2016 course)
During the period 2005 to 2014, the UCA is the 4th Andalusian University in productivity due to the visibility of its publications in the first quartile. REPORT “Universidad en Cifras 2017” (2015/2016 course)
The UCA occupies the position number 37th of the 60 Spanish Universities considered in this ranking dedicated to research (publications in WOS, citations, impact articles and international collaborations), while internationally we are ranked 916th of the 2,500 universities analyzed . University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) 2018 /2019
The UCA ranks 26th (868th worldwide) on the web presence and the visibility of the institutions of the 261 Universities and Research Centers in Spain, public and private, which are analyzed in this ranking, . Webometrics World Ranking of Universities on the Web (CSIC) July, 2018.
The RODIN repository of the UCA is ranked 29th by the presence and impact on the web of its institutional repository among the 67 Spanish universities and research centers, public and private analyzed in this ranking. Webometrics Ranking Web of Repositories (CSIC) January, 2017
The Library of the University of Cádiz occupies 6th place nationally (out of 55) and it is the first, together with the library of the University of Seville, in the efficiency of its library system. SECABA-Rank, 2015


The University of Cádiz fulfills 24 of the 27 indicators defined in this Transparency Ranking. Ranking Foundation “Compromiso y
Transparencia 2016”
The University of Cádiz is one of the 36 Spanish universities (out of 51) that fulfill the obligation of publication in the Public Sector Contracts Platform.
Transparency International Report of the Public Procurement Observatory 2017
The University of Cádiz occupies the 28th position of 58 Spanish Public Universities, the 43rd position in the Top 200 of Spanish-speaking Universities, the 21st position of 72 Spanish Public Universities on Facebook and it also occupies the 12th position of 67 Spanish Public Universities on Twitter. Unirank 2018
The University of Cádiz is ranked 4th nationally in the DYNTRA ranking of transparency of Spanish Universities, with 97 indicators out of 132 possible (73.48%).


DYNTRA Ranking (November 13, 2018)


The UCA occupies the 6th position (out of 57 public and private Spanish Universities) in national Patents per 100 professors in this Report that analyzes the scientific activity of Spanish Universities in the decade 2007-2016. Report “IUNE 2018” (Investigative Activity Report of the Spanish Universities)
The UCA occupies the 266th position in patents (291st position in 2016 and 311st position in 2015) among the thousand Universities analyzed in this ranking dedicated to the global performance of the University. At the level of the Spanish state, the UCA is ranked 10th (11th position in 2016 and 14th position in 2015). Center for World Global Universities Ranking (CWUR) 2017
The UCA is the 4th Andalusian University and the 12th in Spain in number of national patents produced between 2010 and 2014, among the 79 Spanish public and private Universities. REPORT “Universidad en Cifras 2017 “(2015/2016 course)

Last update: November 19, 2018


*Source: Luque-Martínez, T.; Doña, L.; Docampo, D. (2016). Influencia del programa Campus de Excelencia Internacional en la posición de las universidades españolas en el ranking de Shanghái. Spanish magazine of scientific documentation, 39(3): e143. doi:


Source: Delegation of the Rector for Strategic Development