The 2nd PEUCA is accountable to the University’s Senate and the Governing Council 26 December 2017

The management team of our University has carried out theintermediate evaluation process of the 2nd PEUCA, as had been planned since its design and approval in December 2014. The evaluation has also counted on the collaboration of 178 people from the interest groups, That in the ten work sessions held between November 17 & 27, 2017, have contributed improvement proposals for the reorientation of those Lines of Action that require it.


After the participation process, the Delegation of the Rector for Strategic Development has informed in the Session of the Senate held on December 15, 2017, and in the session of the Council of Goverment of December 18, 2017. In both organs of government, the main results of the deployment activities, the assessment of the progress calculated in the self-assessment and the opinion and proposals from the participatory process have been showed.

The report also includes, in annexes, the methodology used in the evaluation process, the weighting of the elements of the Plan, the list and the images of the participatory process and the assessment made in it.


The report is available to the University community at the following link: