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This ranking measures scientific production, with a minimum of 800 publications indexed on the ‘Web of Science’. The University of Cádiz continues with its progression and consolidation in the most prestigious international university rankings. This is confirmed once again by the CWTS Leiden ranking, where the UCA bursts in for the first time and does […]

The Delegation of the Rector for Strategic Development continues with the training of the teaching and research staff (PDI) and the administration and services staff (PAS) of the University of Cádiz, holding a workshop to carry out video meetings efficiently, which has been held from June 22 to 26, 2020. In these times of forced […]

The indicators reveal that the UCA improves its general position in teaching, research and innovation The University of Cádiz improves in global volume and is consolidated in the performance indicators according to the U-Ranking 2020, known a few days ago and carried out by the BBVA Foundation and the Valencian Institute for Economic Research (Ivie), […]

The University of Cádiz is once again placed in the top 400 in the world in different reference subjects international position in the 2020 edition of the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (ranking of Shanghai by subject), ranking among the 150 best universities in the world in Oceanography and continuing to be present in other […]

It reaches the 37th position within the Spanish university system and stands around the thousand best universities in the world. On June 8, CWUR (center for the World University Ranking) published the 2020 world ranking. It measures the quality of education, the Alumni employment, the quality of faculty as well as the research performance. According […]

The Club of Excellence in Management, whose mission is to enhance the global competitiveness of organizations through the values ​​of excellence, facilitating an infrastructure to share knowledge, develop skills and give visibility to their levels of excellence, has decided to include the 2nd PEUCA as a Good Practice in its Agora. The Good Practice, which […]

The 2nd Strategic Plan of the University of Cádiz 2015-2020 considered the presentation of a final report, which should be available before the end of the first quarter of 2020. As a result of this commitment, the 2nd PEUCA published on March 31 the FINAL REPORT of the 2nd STRATEGIC PLAN of the UNIVERSITY of […]

El pasado 3 de febrero de 2020 tuvo lugar en Granada una reunión de trabajo entre miembros de las universidades de Cádiz y Granada, como coordinadoras de dos proyectos de Universidades Europeas. En la reunión estuvieron presentes José Antonio Muñoz Cueto, Delegado del Rector para la Universidad Europea de los Mares, Antonio Javier González Rueda, […]

El delegado del Rector para la Universidad Europea de los Mares de la Universidad de Cádiz, el profesor José Antonio Muñoz Cueto, en compañía de la vicerrectora del Campus Bahía de Algeciras de la UCA, Mª del Mar Cerbán, y de los presidentes de la  Autoridad Portuaria Bahía de Algeciras (APBA) y de la Cámara […]

El ranking URAP (University Ranking by Academic Performance) es una clasificación internacional de universidades que se publica desde 2010 y que se basa en indicadores que muestran el volumen y la calidad de las publicaciones. La Universidad de Cádiz, que se situó en la pasada edición en el puesto 37 entre las 61 Universidades españolas, […]